Karnaugh maps approach to understanding control implementation behind digital pneumatic (2.ª Parte)

At this point, the control of the study case is presented in the form of electrical pneumatic control (relay technology)…

Industrial processes need to be changed quickly so that different products can be produced. The response to these changes requires a reconstruction of the pneumatic control according to the new requests, that is, reconstruction of the control machine. To solve this problem, we present an alternative way to develop dual control for double-path sequence using Karnaugh Maps. In practice, we propose an approach to developing pneumatic control system in complex cases when there are two variants of the control sequence. The equations obtained by Karnaugh Maps (KM) simplified the elaboration of the command of the circuit, be it electro or pneumatic control, guaranteeing not only the realization of the two sequences combined, but as well as minimizing the command variables needed for a digital circuit. A practical example to understand the implementation of the control will be presented. The equations required to control the circuit will be also used in a programmable logic controller (PLC) that will control the circuit. This is an easy methodology to understand and implementing control digital pneumatics.

IV. Implementing control from Karnaugh Maps

At this point, the control of the study case is presented in the form of electrical pneumatic control (relay technology), a pure pneumatic control and an electro pneumatic control made in Ladder Logical diagram under a programmable logical controller.

Adriano A. Santos, António F. da Silva
Research Center of Mechanical Engineering (CIDEM), School of Engineering Polytechnic of Porto, (ISEP) Porto, Portugal ·

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